Hot Properties in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus will be an amazing experience and this will be the case regardless of whether it is a permanent move or a holiday let that has been purchased as an investment. As if the country itself was not beautiful enough, there are plenty of outstanding properties that are waiting to be purchased and change the life of the person buying them.

Paphos is an area that attracts the interest of foreign buyers and the reason is good. Set on the west coast of Cyprus it is within easy travelling district from Limassol and is surrounded by the most beautiful water that can be imagined. The thing is, if you purchase here, there is no need to imagine as you will see it with your own eyes as often as you want to.

When deciding if Cyprus is the place for you, it is worth remembering that it is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. There are a lot of people living there, and when the holiday season starts, there are even more. If there are times when a hot property owner cannot be in their villa or apartment, then they will be able to hire it out to holiday makers. It is such a popular place to visit that there will not only be a special retreat for family, but a source of income as well.

In case you are unsure as to why it is Cyprus to choose there are even more reasons than already mentioned. One visit to the island will convince you that the island is everything you wanted and even more, but the properties to purchase will be the icing on the cake. Before deciding on which of the special properties to purchase is worth remembering the benefits that come with owning one.

Firstly there will be the membership of the EU that will automatically come with property ownership; it is this part of the transaction where a lot of help can be given by an investment company. With a little luck, it will be through in just three months and you can start enjoying wonderful holidays along with your new status. The added bonus is that there is no need to turn your back to your real nationality as it is possible to hold dual citizenship.

As so many visitors come to the island there will be many languages spoken, and there is no need to learn a specific one. When purchasing a hot property in Cyprus, purchaser’s children will have access to some of the best schools there. It is a safe place to live as there is very little in the way of crime so when not being in residence should not be a problem as it should be in exactly the same condition when you return.

When you become the owner of real estate in Cyprus there are very few conditions attached to it. The only one that stands out is the need to visit the island at least once every seven years. Due to the island and the standard of the properties there, there are few people who would be able to stay away so long. The temptation will be to spend as long as possible there. It is not even going to be expensive to be an inhabitant as the tax rates are low and have been for some time.

An ideal example of a property in Cyprus will be villas. Most will have three bedrooms or more meaning that they can be used for holidays with the extended family. Often there will be a pool, so there is no need to travel down to the beach every time someone wants to take a dip. As the weather is so good, outdoor eating is the norm so a patio will often be built in. There are few memories that will stick with a person like the sight of the sun setting in Cyprus as they sit and enjoy the end of the day with the people who mean the most to them.

Thanks to the weather there is more space included as many villas will have a roof top terrace. Not only will this be ideal for evening drinks, and outdoor eating with a lovely view of the area, but on the hotter nights – and in Cyprus it can stay hot during the night – it will be a wonderful experience to sleep beneath the stars knowing you are safe and can have a high degree of comfort.

There are many clean white properties for sale in Cyprus and while all will have their own unique character, there will be certain aspects of them that will be similar, making it easy to choose between the different ones available. Some can be purchased just for use by the owners and allowed visitors, but there are also many hot properties that are designed to be rented out.

Complete complexes are available and in some cases there will be upwards of 15 set apartments meaning that it will be a shrewd business investment. These are situations when a purchaser can make the decision with both their heads and their hearts. They have automatic EU citizenship, a form of income that is unlikely to drop over the years, a country that makes it easier for non-residents to become residents or property owners, and a property that can allow them all the time they want on the island.

Prices vary greatly, but there are properties that would be classed as entry level that will be an ideal way to get a foot on the property ladder. They may not be enormous, but they can be let to, or lived in by families and they are incredibly good value as they will still look spectacular and often there will be a pool although there are times when this may have to be forfeited.

Location is very important when buying real estate in Cyprus and the types available are immense. From two bed apartments through to 6/7 bedroom apartment, there are then semi-detached houses, then detached houses, and right at the top there are some that have more bathrooms and bedrooms than most families will ever use, but also come with a great deal of land.

Parts of Cyprus are quite densely populated, but there are also areas where the neighbours will only be seen once in a blue moon. Depending on the personality of the customer, there are plenty of choices to be reviewed.

It has been easy to concentrate on the village and town side of life in Cyprus, but there are Cities that are more heavily populated, and it may be that this is the area where an investor would feel more at home, or would just prefer to be. A businessman may want to have a place of their own when they carry out business in Cyprus and as it is part of the EU, there will be a larger market than they will have been used to once they become a property owner on the island.

Nicosia will be an ideal place to choose as this blends the quite life with the hustle and bustle that will be present in any city. Here there is everything that a family would want – schools, shopping districts and all the trappings of big city night life but yet just a short track along the motorway, there are beaches meaning that the hard working members of the family can truly relax and the children can enjoy themselves.

Nicosia has many international companies based there and as a result there will be the need for accommodation when a representative finds the need to visit that branch. It will be a good idea for a company to invest in property there as it will give a more friendly and homelike feeling to the visiting member of staff. The hotels are good, but there is something really enjoyable about staying somewhere a little more personal.

As not all companies will go down this route, there is room for the private investor and with careful business dealings with the companies involved it will be possible to buy a few apartments and let them out to visiting workers. As mentioned above, there is only the need for one visit every seven years to ensure that all the trappings of EU citizenship will be maintained. Despite it being a city there are still villas and large homes that would make a welcome place for any weary traveler to stay.

A further income link is through the people who want to move to Cyprus eventually but have not managed to decide where about they want to live yet. For them, the chance to rent for a while and find out a little more about the area will be a welcome opportunity and by purchasing the correct type of hot property in Cyprus, there should be a steady stream of people wanting to stay and try out the area and lifestyle.

There might be an air of ease and a gentle way of life in Cyprus but there are up to date buildings both as housing units and things such as hospitals and malls. By choosing real estate there it is not necessary to give up the nicer things in life and manage on a lower level of enjoyment. Lack of high prices does not mean lack of high quality or state of the art medical facilities.

If you are looking for a new property and a whole new way of life with plenty of added extras, there are plenty of high end options to be considered in Cyprus.