Immigration services

Perhaps you are planning to settle in Cyprus forever. With us,, by your side, you can relax. We are very good at handling immigration issues and we are ready to assist you. To reside in Cyprus permanently, and live on salaries derived from your pension, or other sources of income based outside of the country, you need an immigration permit. This permit is applied through the Chief Immigration Officer who is based in Nicosia. As a local company that has faced the immigration department plenty of times, we can assure you that finding a permit on your own is difficult. This is why we are offering you our unparalleled immigration services. Our service scope entails:-

Citizenship applications

Many potential investors who come to Cyprus target the European Union citizenship. This sort of citizenship enables them to invest in the local real properties while building a stable environment for future generations. You must invest a minimum of five hundred thousand Euros in Cyprus real estate to obtain an E.U citizenship.

This is the quickest way to get permanent citizenship in the E.U region— only three months. As soon as you become a citizen of the E.U, your passport will no longer restrict you from entering up to 140 nations or more without a visa. Obtaining citizenship in Cyprus is tough work if a non-resident does not know the channels.

This is where comes in. We provide not just the advice you desperately need but also a step-by-step method of applying for your citizenship.

We help you with investments

As mentioned above, you need to invest in Cyprus in order to gain permanent residence and travel to many European countries for leisure or business. But without a sense of direction you cannot know the best investment options to pick first. This makes us the best business partner you can have. We can assist you invest in the following manner:

Temporary and permanent residence immigration permits

To receive an entry permit to the Republic of Cyprus, you need to get in touch with the Civil Registry Department (of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus). It is the recognized authority for providing temporary or permanent residence permits to the EU and citizens of third world countries.

Anyone from a member of European Union state can get in Cyprus with a valid Identity Card or an EU passport. They aren’t required to register on arrival. If they intend to stay for over three months, or join employment, there are conditions to follow.

We can help you through this, fortunately, as there is a possibility of getting stuck or lost. It does not matter what circumstances could prevent you from getting an immigration visa. We have what it takes to assist you in application for a Cyprus immigration permit. Whether temporary or permanent, can be your best service provider. If you want to stay for more than three months in order to work, we will help you:-

As a non-E.U citizen, you have the right to receive a permanent residence permit that lets you live in Cyprus. It also excludes you from enduring the immigration entry procedures such as producing the visitor’s visa. This sort of permit is also provided to your family, if you have, including children younger than eighteen years of age.

As a foreigner, your application will be processed under the Categories of Regulation Five of the Aliens and Immigration Regulation of 1972. Unless an application for an immigration permit is approved by the Immigration Control Board, and forwarded to the Minister of Interior, it cannot be accepted. There are up to six categories in which people sending applications are placed in. One must belong to one of these categories.

We shall get you an immigration visa

Visas are provided by Embassies and general consulates of Cyprus (Diplomatic Missions). They are also offered by the Honorary Consulates of the Republic of Cyprus that are in other countries if there no Diplomatic Missions nearby. As you might get confused when you try to get your visa, allow us to help you.

We shall obtain your short stay or travel visas if you just want to visit the Republic of Cyprus once or many times. There is a single-entry and Multiple-entry visa that we are willing to give you. In any half year, you can only stay for three months although there are occasions when a multiple visa can be offered for a whole year or more, though rarely, depending on the circumstances in hand.

We can also get you an airport transit visa. The ATV visa is made for foreigners who must have to be allowed to use an International transit area of Cypriot airports when their plane have to stop over or when they need to be transported between two stations of an international flight.

Not all visitors to Cyprus need this kind of visa. Group visas are limited to a total stay of thirty days and is given to a group that does not plan to split during its stay in the country or when planning to go back home.

This type is issued to a group of five to fifty people. The long-stay visa is given to visitors who intend to spend more than three months in Cyprus. These may be aspiring students, jobseekers or business people.

What we might need to assist you with immigration issues

In order to assist you properly, needs you to provide a clean criminal record. Further, you must not be named among investors whose properties are ordered to be frozen in the E.U boundaries. If you are totally clean, we can tell you more about immigration issues when you book an appointment with us.

We are willing to offer you excellent immigration services after holding conversations with you. We do not obligate you to invest in Cyprus or to do something you do not want. Therefore, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.