Property Valuations is a website that can help you with everything that concerns real estate issues in Cyprus. Among our great quality services is property valuations. We provide this service to individuals and entities. In Cyprus, property valuations are done because of these two reasons:

Prior to offering loans, banks require an accurate property value in order to know the amount of money they have to lend. This value acts as collateral or security for the loan. It also serves as a method of insuring the property. does appropriate, accurate and relevant property valuations. Our goal is to conduct clean and transparent business so that we can help you meet your investment decisions, assess your risks, and manage your portfolios.

We are the leading Property Valuers

The best property valuation service is done independently, privately and prior of all, it is done according to standards and rules of the republic of Cyprus. The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber ETECK, has laid down the Code of Ethics that property valuers must follow. We ensure that our professionals comply totally with this Code of Ethics when carrying out their duties.

We tell you the true market value of your property

Our team of valuation experts will consider different factors when determining the true market value of your house. This realistic value is the current market value of your property based on where it is located in Cyprus. We will consider the location and what is in the surroundings. These things may include social amenities such as roads, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, financial institutions, banks, government offices and much more.

The rate at which properties of similar status are demanded in your area is also a factor we could consider when doing the valuation. In addition, we pay attention to the price given to properties of the same calibre by financial institutions and banks. The most essential thing to us is to keep the property price realistic. We do not see any benefit in proposing hefty asset prices because the modern customer is already aware of the real estate trends and price fluctuations.

When a home is being sold, a few negotiations are done. Surprisingly, some sellers believe that raising the property value at this point would fetch them more money; we do not support this move. According to our opinion, dramatic price increases will only discourage potential investors from viewing the building.

Don’t overlook the fact that the customer or investor wants to get value for their money when checking your house. The economic climate has not been good for a while and saving even a little money seems vital to everyone right now. Therefore, when you are setting your price you have to think about what the customer might wants to pay.

After we get informed about the property’s current market value, you will advertise your house. The advertised price must be able to attract a prospective buyer from far. We are not saying that you should lower the price just so you can sell the asset quickly. What you need is our expert guidance on how to set the rate in a manner that grabs the attention of your potential buyers.

Although there are factors to be considered, customers first want to ask about the price. carries out the following types of property valuations.

We do not just arrive at your property and quote a value to represent your home’s worth. There is a procedure we follow. Furthermore, the way the valuation process is conducted in this country is relatively standardized, ensuring that the results produced by different valuers are accurate, consistent and reliable. There is a point you should note, though, about valuation of commercial and industrial properties. There are operational aspects we take into account in order to establish the exact worth of a property. The following is our official procedure:

We arrange a meeting with you – This is generally the first meeting during which we explain how we perform the valuation process. We could take just two days to complete the procedure that is less complicated. When the process is delicate, we can usually finish it in two to five days. After receiving your payment, we start the work immediately. Prior to doing anything, there are items we will ask you to bring to us. These are just documents that confirm your entitlement to the property being sold. So, we will request you for this:

Things that may affect your property’s value

Any type of property, including a house, is never priced according to your assumptions. It is priced at the current market value, which is established following a thorough market research. The first factor that determines how big or small the property is worth will be is location. And when we talk about location, we are assuming that your asset is right here in Cyprus.

The second thing we want to know is where exactly in Cyprus you own land or building. In other words we want to know the area or region. Some real estate regions are more marketable than others. As, we want to know just how good the location of your property is. Andin order to establish this, we observe the surroundings of the physical location you give us. The things we observe help us create a value that is most appropriate for your asset.

As professional property appraisers, we hold unique and different opinions on what makes a great location. Mostly we want to know which urban or suburban area exists at the stated location. We also consider the natural landscape consisting of mountains, beaches, woods and related things. It goes without saying that how your home looks, in terms of design, matters to potential buyers. It could be traditional or modern yet investors will have their own tastes and preferences. The positioning of your asset is everything too, when you are in the process of finding a buyer for it. In summary, we will specifically look for these characteristics in the location you give us.

We constantly consider the nature of urban development projects and city planning. An area that has most of these works going on has consistent growth that could increase the price of properties. Besides the development projects we can witness now, we reflect on what might be built in future.

Future planning also plays a role in how we determine the current value of your asset. When we notice new construction and building projects such as major roads, new institutions, national reserves, and related facilities, we immediately know that your area has a huge potential for growth in the near future. This makes us know that the true value of your building is higher than you probably think.

Besides the location, and what we can see around its suburbs, we check the attributes of the house. And by physical attributes we mean this:

Our property valuation service is unparalleled

We do the most tiring, time-consuming and delicate work for you. As a company that has existed for a long time, we know exactly how property valuation works in our country. Our team of experts do not only help you when you are selling but also when you are buying a property. As a potential property buyer, you may seek our valuation services to establish whether the price of the seller is too exorbitant or just fair.

When you have a property to sell, our experts will determine the actual market price of your asset. This will be so essential to you when time to advertise your building comes. You will be able to know whether your property value makes sense to most potential buyers. has been dealing with properties for many years. We handle customers who are just as stuck as you on a daily basis.

Most of the customers we receive come from Russia, Greece and Britain. We also have a big number of customers from our own country, Cyprus, and others from other nations across the world. Our main goal is to serve every person according to their expectation. This is why we arrange an initial appointment with every customer who needs our property valuation services.

We meet up with you to know what your goals and expectations are. Furthermore, we want to be totally sure that we have what it takes to assist you. During the appointment, we take the time to explain to you exactly the way we work. After this, we just listen to you. This is the best moment to ask any questions you might have about our services. We are happy to be consulted about the real estate industry of the Republic of Cyprus. You can ask us anything that relates to our property valuation work and we will give you answers that make perfect sense.

Our fee is very affordable considering that our workers will do everything on your behalf. You will pay us and we will do the work for you from the start to the end. Although we have many competitors out there, we have stood the tests of time. This is simply because we offer same day top-notch services. Moreover, we do not waste your time and this is why we spend only two to five days.

If you want know how we have served similar customers in the past, simply request us for testimonials. We will definitely provide a great service to you. When it comes to law, no one understands it better than us. Cyprus real estate industry is closely monitored by the government departments, explaining why a novice foreigner needs investment help. It is a good thing that we are willing to offer this help to you, particularly, if you want to know the value of your current building.

We will follow the procedure we have explained above after meeting with you. The process will not begin until you understand what our service is all about. Our professionals are usually very jovial, polite and cooperative. They will involve you in every step of property appraisal, answer your questions, shield you from risks and help you manage your investment portfolios.

How to get in touch with us

To receive an accurate report on actual property valuations, we suggest that you complete our simple online form. We have a privacy policy page that guarantees safety of your personal information. You may read this page prior to filling this form. Be sure to access other relevant pages too in order to comprehend the kind of services we provide here.

Besides, reading through our website pages can help you create questions that you will ask our representative during your first meeting with them. Our form does not take a lot of sensitive confidential data from you. We only need your name in full, telephone number, your town or suburb, postal code, city or region and company name if appropriate.

Are you looking to have a mortgaged property appraised by us? If this is the case, be warned that commercial banks have a knack to undervalue mortgaged properties, according to credible sources. The reason behind this is to pressure mortgage payers into offering other assets as extra collateral. Also, the Lands and Surveys department has been reported to overvalue properties. The reason for doing this is so that it can collect higher transfer fees when the property is sold.

Because of possible distortions in the property valuation market, you should leave the job to a reputable professional. This should be a professional who knows how the commercial banks and Land and Survey Department work. We have no match, definitely, and this is why you can trust us.

A simple mistake can land you in legal challenges that will demand the service of a lawyer. We know everything about the real estate issues of this country, and have what it takes to evaluate your property. We know how desperately you need to fetch a good price for your asset. This is exactly what we want to help you achieve.

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We are fully aware of how novice and stranded you might feel right now considering that you are foreigner. You want to advertise a property for sale but you are not sure how much it costs currently. This is precisely what we are here for. We want to decide this price for you and in this way, protect you from unfair prices from experienced investors and mortgage lenders.

Our service delivery is straight forward and we are willing to explain it to you during our first meeting. To let us know about your problem, feel free to get in touch with us today. There is a cleverly-written Contact Us page with our phone numbers and other contact information.

Simply visit this page and get in touch with us immediately. We will respond quickly by setting up a one-on-one appointment with you. Where you come from is none of our worries. Our company,, serves any person who wants to invest in our country and is considered eligible by the law.