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Using a professional presentation will draw viewers and keep them. Multimedia presentations help faster grasping of ideas and concepts than what simple oratory explanations can hope to achieve. To look professional is a necessity for any presenter and any presentation. The point that all of our video have graphics with the key selling points of your property, makes the audience connect and understand clear the presentation.
Aerial video and photography are the new standard for high-end real estate marketing. From breathtaking aerial views to 360' interior tours creating a seamless promotional package to set your listings apart from the competition. We tailor each video to your vision. Learn more..

screened and registered users only

Our website requires users (members) to log in before they can see any properties. This is to provide accurate user experience to both buyers and sellers. Learn more..

automated reports of client requests

Our tracking system provide to our property owners with a weekly report with full name of client, phone number, origin and number of visits of clients. Our aim is satisfaction guarantee. Learn more..

vast selection of extra services

Our extensive range of services includes the fields of consulting and land registry services. With our in-house consultants, we offer a variety of compensation alternatives such as hourly consulting. We provide support in all aspects of getting a comparative market analysis and pricing assistance. With our extra services, we take service to a whole new level and offer a measurable increase in efficiency. Learn more..


Our marketing services including web design, market research, marketing plans, advertising services, email campaigns, social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, cookies advertising and SEO marketing. Learn more..

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